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Monday, April 23, 2012

Honeymoon Destination: Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa

Wow what a name!  The newest Sandals resort entitled Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa encumbers culture and relaxation like no other.

Located in Westmoreland Jamaica, the Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa sits amidst breathtaking landscapes, white-sand beaches as far as the eye can see and 500 acres of lush foliage ready for exploration. 

As you enter the premises you'll notice a setting sprinkled with traditional European style and a touch of world class Jamaica. 

Of course, the Sandals tradition of mesmerizing luxury is rampant in this resort boasting amazing honeymoon suites fashioned with 24-hour butler service, gourmet restaurants, world renown spas, sparkling pools with swim up bars and of course duty-free shopping. 

If style, romance and world class accommodations is what suits your fancy then the Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa should be your honeymoon destination. Want help paying for it?  Perhaps a honeymoon registry is right for you.  Visit for more details.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrity honeymoon locations

Most of the time we write blog posts about exotic honeymoon destinations that couples often register for but with all the Brangelina engagement hype we wanted to share with you some details on celebrity honeymoon hot spots and how you can "honeymoon like a celebrity" but not pay for it.

A honeymoon that got a lot of publicity was that of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.  They enjoyed time together in Bora Bora while staying in an over the water private bungalow. Although their bungalow had its own private beach Bora Bora is well known for more "affordable" over the water bungalows that offer similar privacy.

If you're interested in a celebrity style Bora Bora honeymoon you may want to consider registering for one at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Honeymoon Destination Spotlight: Las Vegas

If you're looking for a fun filled, romantic honeymoon destination with excitement and energy filling the air than a Las Vegas honeymoon is for you.

Although Las Vegas is known for its nightlife and over the top casinos/resorts, Las Vegas boasts world class spas and some of the best honeymoon packages around. says, "Rumor has it the Honeymoon in Paris wedding package at the Paris Resort offers some great perks for newlyweds including champagne and glass flutes, cookies and milk for two, a special honeymoon gift basket and more. Looking for a honeymoon suite? The Rio is one of the only remaining hotels to offer the "honeymoon suite," some with Jacuzzi tubs." 

Las Vegas Paris
Have you ever heard of "dinner in the sky?" or wished you could take a gondola ride without visiting Venice?  Las Vegas is the place!  If you think a Las Vegas honeymoon that's already paid for sounds good then visit the honeymoon registry at .

Monday, April 2, 2012

Destination spotlight: Paris honeymoon

Paris France... awe yes!  What better way to start your new life together than in the city of love...ok, it's the city of lights...logistics. :). 

The first thing you'll want to do before embarking on an adventure of a lifetime is learn 'Je t'aime' which is the standard way to say "I love you" in French.  You may also want to learn 'je t'adore', which means 'I adore you'.  Whether you use 'je t'aime' or 'je t'adore', it's very common to add 'mon amour' (my love) to the end of the phrase in more whimsical situations.

Paris has a unique culture, food and energy but one thing is just like most other has four distinct seasons.  Choosing when to visit can make a huge difference in affordability and activity.
  • WINTER: If you're looking to save money on your Paris honeymoon you may want to consider visiting Paris in the winter.  Everything from ice skating at the Eiffel Tower to attending an opera you'll be able to find better deals this time of year. 
  • SPRING: There's nothing like Paris in the fact it's such a beautiful time that songs are written about it.  With Paris in full bloom romance is easy to come by.  Of course, anytime of year romance is easy to come by on your honeymoon.  Unfortunately, with great weather and beautiful scenery during the season, costs for honeymooners rise dramatically.
  • SUMMER: Paris residents know that the heat in the summertime can be unbearable and many head for the hills.  However, it's the perfect opportunity to take a boat tour down the Siene River or watch one of Paris' most memorable summer sunsets amidst the Eiffel Tower.  Just keep in mind that summer honeymoons in Paris mean higher costs and longer lines.
  • FALL: As fall rushes in so do the gorgeous fall foliage and colors.  Costs are lowered in the fall, making it a good time for a honeymoon in Paris.
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