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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Honeymoon - Where oh where will it be?

Speculation on where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (as Kate Middleton is now called) is high as the couple left the palace by helicopter today. A honeymoon in Scotland, Australia and even Jordan have been bandied about. Even the small Transylvanian village of Viscri has been mentioned. At this point, anywhere they will be left alone and can remain undiscovered is probably the best choice. It wouldn't surprise if the couple took their honeymoon in a few different places, staying at each for no more than four or five days. Any longer and the honeymoon secret would most likely get out. We'll keep our ears open and report just as soon as we get word....

UPDATE: New word is that the Royal couple will delay their formal honeymoon and simply take a quiet weekend alone before Prince William goes back to his duties as a helicopter rescue pilot next week. Looks like they want to let some hype die down before they take their actual honeymoon...good idea.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Honeymoon Packages -- Everyone wants a deal!

Honeymoon packages are popular because they typically wrap all of the various elements of the honeymoon into one package price. Because of this honeymoon packages tend to be lower priced than if you were to buy each element of the honeymoon separately. This is true, for the most part, and some of the best honeymoon packages can only be bought through your local honeymoon travel agent. Why is that?

First of all, many travel package providers only work through travel agents. It's easier and more cost effective for them to work with a small group of professional travel agents than to try to service masses of consumers directly. Furthermore, even if they did sell directly they would be selling at the same price that the travel agent would. So for the honeymoon couple, who is already time starved in the first place, buying a honeymoon package from a travel agent is not only a money saver but also a time saver as well. You have enough to do with your wedding planning so why not get some help planning your honeymoon and let someone else do the heavy lifting?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hyatt Hotels Gift Registry - For Honeymoons and More!

For the better part of two years now Hyatt Registry has been serving as a honeymoon registry and all-purpose hotel gift registry. Although honeymoons are the target of the most travel registries, the Hyatt Registry can be used for events like anniversaries and birthdays too. For anyone who simply loves to travel, Hyatt Registry can be the perfect gifting alternative. All registry gift items end up on a Hyatt Gift Card (international travel uses gift certificates) that the recipient can use at any one of the hundreds of Hyatt Hotel & Resort locations. Gift cards do not expire and can even be refilled. It's just one more great way to give the gift of travel.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frequent Fliers Get a Better Airline Seat

There are a few tools out there to help you find the best airplane seat, such as SeatGuru, SeatExpert or SeatMaestro. ExpertFlyer also offers some tools, but only one I've seen so far can actually get a better airline seat for you. When I say get you a better seat on the plane, I mean actually book you in a better airplane seat. is unique in that it will look at your self-selected airline seating preferences and compare those preferences to your assigned seat on your next flight. If a better seat is found, it will automatically move you. For example, you may be a middle seat in the back of the plane and you prefer to sit in an aisle or window seat, preferably more toward the front. If MSF finds you that seat, you're rebooked.

MySeatFinder is currently a free service. It's a seat finder only, there are no more tricks it does. But considering that where one sits is the second most important attribute of a person's flight (price of a ticket is #1), it's a pretty important job. Their tag line is: "finding, and getting, you a better airplane seat." Give it a try.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Which honeymoon destination is right for you?

The world is a big place and there are so many honeymoon destinations that you can visit to excite your senses and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So what is the best way to go about choosing a honeymoon destination?

It would be great if you could just think about what each of you like, action or relaxation, adventure or calm blue waters and white sand beach with lounge chairs. But for most couples, the first task is to figure out what their honeymoon budget is and then see if some of the destinations they would consider are even possible. The cost of a Tahiti honeymoon for someone on the east coast is a lot higher than for someone on the west coast; conversely a Caribbean honeymoon is more expensive for west coasters. For some couples, airfare may eat up so much of the budget that flying anywhere might rule out some of what they consider the best honeymoon destinations.

It's important to remember that the most important aspect of the honeymoon is simply taking one. It's getting away from all of the stress of planning a wedding and simply focusing on each other. Just like with planning your wedding, it helps to consult an expert. Find a travel agent who specializes in honeymoon planning for advice and help.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honeymoon Registry - For Those Who Have (almost) Everything!

Let's face it, for many couples getting married today, the fine china and kitchen gadgetry is superfluous; in fact, getting these things is more of a hassle because returning them to the store usually means seeking something comparable in price for an exchange. Cash returns is rarely an option anymore. For today's couples, a honeymoon registry is really nice alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders. What is a honeymoon registry? Simply put, it is a wedding gift registry that includes all of the various components of the honeymoon.

Need examples? A typical honeymoon registry will include the obvious airfare/transportation and hotel/lodging, but should also include the many activities and experiences a couple can choose when they arrive at their honeymoon destination of choice. If you go to Cancun you want to swim with the dolphins, which makes a perfect registry gift item. Or, maybe you want your Hawaii honeymoon to include surfing lessons. The great thing about the honeymoon registry is that it is completely customizable around your own honeymoon. But please don't take the word 'customizable' to mean lots of extra work.

The Honeymoon offers you the exclusive QuickClick® honeymoon registry. A QuickClick® registry is a template, like a sample registry, except there is one for virtually every conceivable honeymoon destination on the planet. Thinking about going to Borneo to hang out with the orangutans for your honeymoon? The Honeymoon has a registry for that. Once you select a QuickClick® registry, you then have the ability to customize it however you like -- add, mofify, and delete things. You even have the ability to combine QuickClick® registries to make your own multi-destination registry. There's also a photo library that allows you to add an image depicting your gift items.

Create your own honeymoon registry today!