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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honeymoon Registry - For Those Who Have (almost) Everything!

Let's face it, for many couples getting married today, the fine china and kitchen gadgetry is superfluous; in fact, getting these things is more of a hassle because returning them to the store usually means seeking something comparable in price for an exchange. Cash returns is rarely an option anymore. For today's couples, a honeymoon registry is really nice alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders. What is a honeymoon registry? Simply put, it is a wedding gift registry that includes all of the various components of the honeymoon.

Need examples? A typical honeymoon registry will include the obvious airfare/transportation and hotel/lodging, but should also include the many activities and experiences a couple can choose when they arrive at their honeymoon destination of choice. If you go to Cancun you want to swim with the dolphins, which makes a perfect registry gift item. Or, maybe you want your Hawaii honeymoon to include surfing lessons. The great thing about the honeymoon registry is that it is completely customizable around your own honeymoon. But please don't take the word 'customizable' to mean lots of extra work.

The Honeymoon offers you the exclusive QuickClick® honeymoon registry. A QuickClick® registry is a template, like a sample registry, except there is one for virtually every conceivable honeymoon destination on the planet. Thinking about going to Borneo to hang out with the orangutans for your honeymoon? The Honeymoon has a registry for that. Once you select a QuickClick® registry, you then have the ability to customize it however you like -- add, mofify, and delete things. You even have the ability to combine QuickClick® registries to make your own multi-destination registry. There's also a photo library that allows you to add an image depicting your gift items.

Create your own honeymoon registry today!

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