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Monday, June 25, 2012

Honeymoon Cruise Review

A honeymoon cruise takes a bit more planning than simply choosing the best price; a honeymoon cruise is all about the destination. 

One of the best honeymoon cruise destinations is the Greek Isles on a Mediterranean cruise.

When asked which cruise line to the Mediterranean is best many couples answered Holland America Cruise Line.  "My husband and I took a 20 day Mediterranean cruise with Holland America Line for our honeymoon the end of July to mid-August and we LOVED it! says newlyweds Cynthia and William.  "It is very port intensive and was very HOT.  But the food and customer service on the ship was EXCELLENT and we LOVED Croatia, Santorini, and Turkey."

Holland America Cruise Line

 What about a Caribbean cruise?  A cruise to the Caribbean gives many options to honeymooners.  Most major cruise lines offer Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean cruises that range from 3-20 days.   If you go with the big ships, you'll typically see ports like San Juan and Grand Cayman; smaller ships will get you into places like Virgin Gorda, BVI, and Nevis. Lines like Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line offers stops at private islands.

Caribbean Islands

A popular Caribbean cruise line for honeymooners is the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  The reason?  Big, bigger, biggest!  Each ship in the current fleet carries more passengers than the entire Royal Caribbean fleet of the 1970s, and has features—such as new surfing pools and rock climbing walls that were unheard of in the past.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Another great honeymoon cruise destination? Hawaii.  By taking a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands instead of flying gives you the opportunity to see a wider variety of sights and get a feel for the islands as a whole. If you fly to Hawaii and stay in a hotel you're pretty much rooted to that island and the resort you booked.

Hawaiian Islands

"A big plus is there's no language barrier whatsoever (though I did miss the international ambience just a bit)," says one newly married couple of a Hawaiian Island Cruise aboard NCL's Pride of America,  --" and, as well, I found it fun to ask servers about their home towns. I learned a lot about my own country and enjoyed getting the inside scoop on everything from hip restaurants in Seattle to a fabulous boutique hotel in Minneapolis."  

If a honeymoon cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean or Greek Isles is your idea of the perfect honeymoon and you'd like to have it paid for, click here for our honeymoon registry.

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