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Monday, December 10, 2012

Montreal Honeymoon

Montreal is a great honeymoon spot. With plenty of romantic spots and plenty of old world charm, it is an ideal place to visit. Being within driving distance of some parts of the United States, and an easy flight from the rest, it is quick to get to.

Once you arrive in the Quebec capital, you’ll be taken by the truly European feel of it. Though it retains much of the northern beauty shared by all of Canada, it also manages to give the feeling of being in France.

You needn’t worry about the language barrier, though, as most things in Montreal are bilingual, and the city’s residents are generally happy to speak to you in English or French.

Whether your tastes are in art, music, food, or shopping, Montreal has plenty to offer. In the colder months, you can visit the vast parts of the city that lie underground. Protected from the often very cold weather, you can tour large parts of the city without ever having to battle the elements.  Montreal has long been a tourist destination, and its gorgeous architecture will give you a honeymoon to remember.
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