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The Honeymoon
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Monday, January 28, 2013

How to choose your honeymoon

When it comes to choosing their honeymoon destination most couples have never been to the resort before. That's understandable as they want somewhere fresh and new to both of them. But it can also be quite a gamble too unless they've researched well. So what sort of things should you consider when choosing a honeymoon destination?
  • Price. This is probably number one. Weddings can be so expensive and the honeymoon is no exception. Don't go for something that's going to bankrupt you but at the same time don't scrimp and save on this special holiday - your first away together as man and wife.
  • Location. Sure you'll be looking for a secluded spot but don't make it somewhere like the Amazon Rainforest (unless you're both geologists, zoologists or botanists). You'll want to spend time together but it's nice to get the stimulation other human beings can provide too.
  • Food. Always check this beforehand, especially if you're heading off somewhere exotic. No-one wants to suffer any allergies on their honeymoon!
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