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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Honeymoon In The Italian Lakes

Italy conjures up an image of gorgeous landscapes, delicious food and endless romance...and the real thing will live up to your imagination.   

For an idyllic honeymoon destination, consider a trip to Italy’s Lake Como.  Its unspoilt scenery and peaceful surroundings makes it a super option for your honeymoon if you want a chance to relax and be seduced by the countryside.

You will find sumptuous villas and cute little villages situated next to the lake but the main attraction in the area is the town of Bellagio.  

It offers the best views of the lake and its surroundings and has water transport links across the area so is great to use as a base.

There are a number of historic churches to explore while a ferry will take you to the other towns of Varenna and Tremezzo, where you can view some wonderful gardens and impressive sculptures.   

You can also travel around the lake by car but a ferry seems to suit the unhurried and relaxed vibe of the area.

At night, you can enjoy a wide choice of restaurants and pubs.  As the area is popular with celebrities such as George Clooney and Richard Branson, you never know who you might bump into!

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